I-Drain® AIO

Decorative profile

The I-Drain® AIO supplied as standard with a brushed stainless steel grating with a subtle groove for maximum water drainage. The I-Drain® AIO is compatible with a matt black decorative profile and profiles with a PVD coating. These are available in 6 colours.

Technical information
I-Drain® A.I.O. I-Drain® PRO I-Drain® SQUARE
Detachable siphon
Mounting height starting at 58 mm
starting at 54 mm starting at 72 mm
starting at 54 mm
Flow capacity 31 liter/min.
27,5 liter/min. (1 siphon)
47 liter/min. (2 siphons)
33,5 liter/min. (1 siphon)
52 liter/min. (2 siphons)
24,6 liter/min.
Water seal height 30 mm
30 mm 50 mm
30 mm
Hair grille

i-Drain® A.I.O.

i-Drain® PRO

i-Drain® SQUARE

i-Drain® ONE