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25 years watertight patented glueing of the membrane with the I-Drain®. EN1253 – ISO 9001 – LGA approved.


All benefits
of I-Drain in a glance

Guaranteed waterproofing

The I-DRAIN® shower channel has a unique adhesion system, developed on the basis of many years of experience and extensive know-how.
During production at the factory, the waterproofing membrane is bonded to the shower channel with a patented and 100% waterproof adhesion. The fabric-to-fabric adhesive ensures the 100% watertightness of an entire shower area.

The I-DRAIN® waterproofing membrane has been extensively tested and meets the highest standards.
A 25-year manufacturer’s warranty is therefore offered for the watertightness of the adhesion between the membrane and the drain. Another advantage for installers as well as consumers!


High-quality materials, high-quality production

We apply a stringent policy of using only high quality and durable materials of the in the production of the I-DRAIN® shower channels and accessories.

The drain body of the I-DRAIN® AIO and the AIO siphon are made of ABS. This ensures the long life span and chemical resistance that are ideal for this application.

The I-DRAIN® PRO Linear stainless steel drains are deep-drawn in one piece. They therefore contain no welds and can be cleaned easily.
The drain body of the I-DRAIN® PRO Tile is made of Solid Surface. With a totally impermeable surface, it offers resistance to various physical influences. This material is therefore extremely suitable for interiors in which hygiene and clean design are important.
The I-DRAIN® PRO siphon is made of chemically resistant PP (polypropylene). Thus the siphon is not only anti-bacterial, but also heat and corrosion resistant.

The I-DRAIN® LIQUID and I-DRAIN® Square series are deep-drawn from stainless steel in one piece and the grating is made from Solid Surface.

The I-DRAIN® ONE stainless steel drains are deep-drawn in one piece. This means that the I-DRAIN® has no welding joints and is easy to clean.
The I-DRAIN® ONE and Square siphons are both made of ABS

Easy to install, extremely flexible

The installation advantage of I-DRAIN® is that: the slope/incline only has to be fitted in one direction. Thus the tiles can be mounted quickly and easily. The adjustable grating can be adjusted according to the thickness of the tile.

Using the elevation blocks, you can adjust the height of the grating according to the thickness of the tile. This can vary between 3 mm and 30 mm. During the installation you do not need to know the thickness of your tile as the grating can be adjusted afterwards. The tile frame ensures an accurate, safe and aesthetically pleasing finish of the chosen tiles.

Quick clean-function: ensures quick yet easy cleaning

The polypropylene I-DRAIN® PRO siphon offers numerous advantages. This material is dirt resistant and antibacterial. The siphon is directly accessible under the decorative grating and can be opened easily. A particularly convenient feature is that hair and dirt come off with the lid when it is lifted. Finally, you can easily clean the inside of the siphon and retain access to your plumbing.

Infinitely combinable drain channels

I-DRAIN® channels are infinitely combinable and are therefore suitable for all lengths.
I-DRAIN® comes in a number of standard sizes that can be connected with the help of connector pieces. Two types of connector pieces are available. The straight connector piece allows you to work without limits in terms of length. The 90° connector piece (only for the ONE and PRO variants) allows you to work with angles.

Height adjustable: Height-adjustable grating

Would you like to quickly and easily adjust the grating height to the tile thickness? Using the elevation blocks, you can adjust the grating height to the tile thickness. The tile thickness may vary between 8 mm and 30 mm. You can therefore adapt the grating height to the tile thickness even after the floor has been tiled! The innovative tile frame ensures an accurate, safe and aesthetically pleasing finish of the chosen tiles.

Minimal built-in height, high drainage capacity

With its minimum built-in height, the I-DRAIN® nevertheless has a very large capacity to drain water. The table below provides a summary of this.


Built-in height From 58 mm From 54 mm From72 mm From 54 mm From72 mm From 54 mm
Drainage capacity 31 l/min. 27,5 l/min. 33,5 l/min. 26,4 l/min. (1 siphon)

45 l/min. 2 siphons)

31,8 l/min. (1 siphon)

49,2 l/min. 2 siphons)

24 l/min.
I-Buddy: your ideal installation aid

The I-Buddy is the ideal aid for installing the I-DRAIN®.

  • Very high impact polystyrene installation block
  • Measuring dimensions and stability during installation
  • Absorbs minor unevenness in the concrete floor
  • Insulation from heat sources (e.g. underfloor heating)
  • Reference point for smoothing mortar and screed
Double Drain System:
double water drainage

Have you selected a bathroom drain system without a waterproof top layer? If so, the surface water as well as the water that seeps into the channel is drained away. Such installations generally make use of waterproofing membranes or liquid rubbers. The most common of these is a tiled shower consisting of tiles and joints.

Fact: were you aware that a joint is only 80% waterproof?

This means that 20% of the water that falls on the joints permeates the joint and penetrates underneath the tiles and the waterproofing mat. And if the joints are damaged or worn, that percentage is much higher.

A Double Drain System is not a second siphon. The function of a siphon is only to cut off unpleasant smells. Which is why it is often referred to as an odour trap.

With the I-DRAIN® DDS system, both the water that falls on the tiles and the water that permeates through the joints and is captured by the waterproof mat is directed to the drain. (1)

For shower drains without a DDS system, only the water that falls onto the tiles runs down the drain, e.g. shower drains with a raised flange (see illustration). And not the water that permeates the joints.