I-Drain Liquid: now available in 72 mm


The perfect solution in combination with liquid floor finishing

Epoxy, PU, Mortex, Tadelakt,... I-Drain® now has the solution for a flawlessly clean, fast and durable installation of the walk-in shower
in combination with liquid floor finishing.

Now available in 54 AND 72 mm! 

  • Molded from strong and durable stainless steel with Solid Surface framework - material thickness 9 mm.
    The liquid floor finishing attaches perfectly to the Solid Surface.
  • - 100% waterproof adhesion floor > gutter
    - Flanges 5 cm width for overlap
    - Groofs for extra strong adhesion
  • Perfectly adaptable transition liquid floor > gutter edge
    - Equipped with at height sandable molding edge
  • Finishing grating: Epoxy finishing
  • Perfectly neat finish: no residues of moulding liquids in the gutter!
  • Detachable sifon: easy cleaning and thoroughly inspectation
  • Available in 70, 80 and 90 cm 

i-drain liquid 72