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 nSee flow technology
Creates and innovates high tech draining technology

The I-Drain siphon

The patented I-Drain-siphon has been developed as the perfect solution to waterproof the tiled walk-in shower.
The innovation proces of the Solidslope aimed ad improving all available walk-in shower drainage solutions.

Thanks to partnerships with the right organisations and the use of waterflow technology, our developers were able to develop a siphon that fulfilled three principle demands:


  • To obtain the lowest built-in heigth: less than 5 cm
  • Maintenance friendly: detachable and dismountable with a strainer inside.
  • Using the best materials possible: ABS



With this exceptional siphon in mind, the drain and installation tools were shaped.

  • The drain is deep-drawn and seamless out of stainless steel 316, the heigth of the grating can be adjusted to the height of the tiles.
  • All parts are made to enable a quick and smooth installation.
  • The installation process of is made ultra efficiënt thanks to the unique installation molds, which are developed especially for I-Drain: the I-Buddy, the tile mold and I-Slope.

Because nSee involved its' users and professional installers in the development proces of the drain ,it could develop a product that's wasn't just smart but that was also adjusted to the needs of its' user and its' installer.



The nSee product range

The I-Drain siphon gave way to many more applications than just I-Drain. nSee aimed at a more progressive approach and bundled all possible applications of the I-Drain siphon. nSee applied the nSee technology to create the nSee washbasins and the nSee showerplates. The latest novelty of nSee is Solidslope, the showerplate created to improve the draining and waterproofing infrastructure of the real tiled walk-in shower.

Today nSee offers four different product lines:

  • I-Drain
  • nSee shower plates
  • nSee wash basins
  • Solidslope 




Details of the entire product range and its' specifics can be  found at the nSee homepage.