Terms of use


  • Please check the water tightness of the drain after the installation of the waste pipes.
  • Please check before installation if the products aren’t damaged. Never install damaged products.
  • The waste pipes need to be installed according to DIN.
  • Increase the waste pipe from .40mm to .50mm after maximum 1m.
  • All products with the following icon (such as cement grout remover, liquid drain unblocker, … )
    cannot be used in combination with our drain and solvents such as acetone are also forbidden!


  •  90° should be avoided if Ø < 63.
    Bends between 22,5° and 45° can be used if Ø > 50 mm.
  • The waste must be connected directly and independently into the 110mm stack (Ø110mm).
  • The waste pipe must have a required slope of min. 1% and max. 2,5%.
  • Always use a rapid-set,  flexible, waterproof tile adhesive (NEN EN 12004C2).
  • If underfloor heating is being installed, do not installe the heating pipes within 25cm of the drain.
  • The drain can never be installed under a wall.
  • The waterproofing mats need a minimum overlap of 6cm.

    Tile thickness.
  • The minimal tile thickness for an ideal installation = 8mm. If the tile thickness < 8mm, you must install the drain away from the wall or you have to use a larger finishing joint.

    After installation and tiling.
  • Claims may only be made under the warranty if the shower tiles have not been removed.