Small, elegant and suitable for tiling!

The Square Drain is a 15x15 cm large - or rather small - drainage well that is highly suitable for a shower without sill and for other personal and industrial use such as kitchen, garage, depository,… : the extremely low built-in height of 54 mm makes this drain suitable for any new build or renovation work.


  • Deepdrawn from stainless steel 304
  • Installation height from 5,4 cm excl finishing floor
  • Water lock 35 mm
  • Tile tickness from 0 mm to 30 mm
  • DN 40 mm
  • Q 26,4 l/min.

  • Available in 3 versions
    • Linear: pre-glued waterproofing seal
    • Chape: Sand-coated 45 mm stainless steel flange with a water retaining edge
    • Basic: 45 mm stainless steel flange with a water retaining edge.



  • 3 types of gratings
    • Star
    • Basic
    • Plano/Tile


The Square Drain has the same sophisticated and professional drainage technology as the elongated I-DRAIN models.
As distinct from a traditional drainage well, the Square Drain is made entirely of deep drawn stainless steel so there are no welded joints.
Another advantage is that the Square Drain is suitable for tiling, meaning the well fits seamlessly in any interior.





  • Drain tray: Stainless steel 304-1mm (deep drawn)
  • Gratings: Stainless steel 304
  • Inner screw part: Nylon
  • Outer screw part:  ABS
  • Siphon: ABS
  • Sealant rings: Silicon
  • Capacity: 9mm column 0,44 l/s.