I-Drain has designed their drains to be easily maintainable. 
Every part of the I-Drain is designed to make sure that the I-Drain can be cleaned in a wink.


  • The removable and dismountable siphon.
    >  You easily remove the trap from the drain.
        The drain can be cleaned entirely.
    >  The siphon itself can be dismounted entirely. 
         Even the inside of the siphon can be cleaned thoroughly.


  • The strainer
    >  Within the siphon, I-Drain integrated a little strainer which keeps hair from clogging your waste pipe.


  • The I-Drain is seemless and smooth.
    > The body of the I-Drain is drawn out of stainless steel 316.
    > The drain doesn't contain weldings or corners so it is cleaned easily.


  • The I-Cube maintenance cubes.
    > They biologically break down all foam and soap residue.
    > They provide the drain with a silicone layer on the inside.
    > They prevent soap from attaching to the drain and keep your waste pipe clean.
    > They provide a scent of lavender, last for 4 to 6 months and can be acquired in sets of 4.