Linear drain

The drain with the pre-installed waterproof membrane is used when:

  • If the tiles are glued.
    >   The common procedure is to install a waterproof membrane on which the installer glues the tiles.
    >   This membrane has to be attached to the drain, this connection has to be 100% waterproof.
    >   Drain and membrane need to be free from grease and dust. On a construction site, this is nearly impossible.

  • I-Drain solves your problem!
    > I-Drain glues the waterproof membrane onto the Linear drain during the production process.


  • 100% watertight* 
  • 100% secure.



 * The pre-glued waterproofing collar guarantees a waterproof area directly surrounding the drain. The total shower area needs to be made watertight by adding an additional, standard waterproofing membrane, which also needs to be installed by the installer.