Linear Drain


The shower drain with the pre-glued collar.
For a barrier-free shower.


  1. 100% watertight because of the pre-glued collar.
  2. The very low built-in height of only 54 mm.
  3. With installation molds for a fast and accurate installation.                 



1.  With a pre-glued collar

For a waterproof connection of the drain with the waterproof membrane, the surface must be 100% free of dust and grease. On a construction site, this is rarely achievable.

  • I-Drain solves this problem by already glueing the waterproof membrane onto the drain during the production process.
  • You save a lot of time and your drain is 100% waterproof*.
  • I-Drain uses the same technique, with proven succes since 2008 and has more than 350.000 satisfied users and more than 15.000 satisfied contractors.


* The waterproofing membrane provides a guaranteed watertightness around the drain.  Of course, the entire shower space needs to be made watertight by means of a standard waterproof membrane e.g. a waterproofing sleeve or liquid waterproofing.



2.   Only 54mm of installation height.

What is a walk-in shower? 
A shower floor with a barrier-free transition from the shower floor to the bathroom floor, no step in.

  • Due to the extremely low installation height of 54mm, the Lineair drain is the solution when in renovation situations a real walk-in shower has to be put in place.
    Often there is not enough space to install a showerdrain underneath the floor level.
    > The Linear drain is so low that it can be installed in almost every renovation situation. 


  • The installation height of the drain:
    = height gradient tiled floor
    + height drain
    + height gradient waste pipe.




3.   With installation aid for a fast and accurate installation.

  • I-Buddy is the ideal tool for the installation of the I-Drain.
      Polystyrene installation block with very high intensity.
      Size determination and stability during the installation.
      Absorbs small bumps in the concrete subfloor.
    >   Insulation to sources of heat (e.g. floor heating).
      Reference point to level off the screed.
    Installation guide I-Buddy.









  • Here you find al components necessary for the technical installation of the I-Drain.
    >    Follow this link for a complete overview.


  • Finishing
    >    The grating has to be ordered separate from the drain because it comes in different forms and styles.
    You don't need the grating during the technical installation of the drain, it can be installed afterwards.
       You can choose your grating after the tiles are put in place because every grating fits every drain of the same length.
    >    You can take your time to chose the right grating that fits the design of your bathroom.





  • Models Linear drain
    >    Click the link above for an overview of the models.
    LINEAR 54mm
    LINEAR 72mm

    > These two models are available in 7 different lengths:
        600 - 700 - 800 - 900 - 1000 - 1100 - 1200
    > These two models are available with a single or double siphon.





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