Installation tools and accessories.

By using the I-Drain installation tools, you will be able to work very fast and accurately.


=> These accessories are included with the I-Drain and the gratings.

  • Accessories included with the I-Drain.
    (All tools necessary for the installation of the I-Drain are included with the I-Drain).
    >  I-Buddy
    >  The tile block
    >  Tube silicone grease
    >  Connector with inner and outer screw part
    >  The riser blocks

    >  The strainer
    >  The suction nap
    >  The water buffers
    >  Corner pieces
    >  Construction guide
  • Accessories included with the gratings.
    >  The I-Cube holder
    >  The maintenance cube



=>  Some installation tools.
       Designed to enable a quick and fast installation.

  • I-Buddy the ideal tool for the installation of the I-Drain.

    >  Polystyrene installation block with very high intensity.
    >  Sizing and stability during the installation.
    >  Absorbs small bumps in the concrete floor.
    >  Insulation to heat sources (e.g. floor heating).
    >  Reference point to level off the screed.

    * Installation guide I-Buddy




  • I-Slope
    > Polystyrene plate with a preconstructed slope towards the drain.
    > Compatible with the Linear drain.
    > Ready to tile on.
    > Very resistant to point pressure.