NEW IN 2017!! 


With the I-Drain® Select drain you give your bathroom an absolutely seamless sight line.  
I-Drain® offers a designer solution for renovations and construction that is easy to install, ensuring a 100% waterproof shower floor that is very easy to maintain.
The drain body in stainless steel 316 is designed with fine gutters to make sure you always have a perfect flow towards your siphon.
Ideal for wood and concrete floors.


  • Low budget
  • Perfect waterproofing because of preglued waterproofing membrane
  • Adjustable grating, possible for every tile finish 3 - 30 mm
  • Possibility to connect the drain up to every possible dimension
I-Drain® Select can be ordered in 3 standard sizes (70, 80 and 90 cm) that can be connected to each other with a coupling piece available in 2 different forms.
The 90° coupling piee allows you to create corners. The straight coupling piece allows you to work with any length.

I-Drain Select