NEW IN 2017!!

I-Drain® Linear WOOD 

I-Drain WOOD has all elements in hand, to provide the most obvious solution for the installation of a walk-in shower on timber-frame strucures.
Just like the I-Drain® Linear and Linear+, the I-Drain® Linear WOOD has a waterproofing membrane pre-assembled during production.

I-Drain Linear Wood          

  • Deep-drawn - Stainless steel 3016
  • With pre-applied waterproofing membrane
  • Durability: 25 years for watertightness for adhesion, SP tested by Technical Research Institute in Sweden
  • DN 50 - Waterlock 50
  • Includes straight and 45° connector pieces (50mm)
  • Minimal construction height of 72 mm or 100 mm
  • Large capacity: 28,2 l/min
  • DDS (Double Drain System)
  • 10 years warranty


I-Drain Wood