I-Drain Linear+

Linear+ Drain is the Linear Drain’s big brother

Linear+ is the Linear model with the extra long waterproofing membrane measuring 2 meters.
With the Linear+ the I-DRAIN increases the benefits of the Linear Drain by making the pre-applied waterproofing membrane no less than 2 meters long! This extra long membrane allows the fitter to make the whole shower floor 100% seamlessly waterproof.




  •  2-meters waterproofing membrane
    Pre-adhered to the drain during the production process.
  • Durability
    Successfully tested for 25 years of watertightness of the
    adhesion of the membrane to the I-DRAIN at the laboratories
    of the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
  • Time savings
    The fitter no longer has to adhere two parts of waterproofing
    membrane to each other.
  • Certainty
    Fitting risk greatly reduced.
  • European standards
    The working of the I-DRAIN complies with the European standards.
    • ISO9001
    • EN1253
    • CE certified
  • Built-in height of only 54 mm *


Unique features:

  • Deep drawn — stainless steel 316
  • Pre-applied waterproofing membrane
  • DDS (Double Drain System)
  • Built-in height from 54 mm*
  • Capacity — 26.4 l/min. (1 siphon) to 45 l/min. (2 siphons)
  • Use with any tile finish — 3 mm to 30 mm
  • Tested — 25 years of durability!
  • Removable and dismountable siphon
  • Available in 7 dimensions from 60 cm to 120 cm
  • Every design grating fits every drain. Ultra thin types of floorcovering.
  • Connect all drains with the straight or 90° connector pieces.
  • 25 years of proven durability for the adhesion between the waterproof membrane and drain.
  • 2 meters of waterproofing membrane optionally 3 meters
  • I-Buddy included
  • Tile mould included