Chape drain

The shower drain with a water retention structure.
For a barrier-free walk-in shower.


  1. Contains a water retaining structure, which eliminates every risk of leakage.
  2. RVS flange from 4,5 cm to attach a waterproofing membrane if desired (EN1253).
  3. Built-in-height of 57 mm (excl. finishing floor).
  4. Is sanded so it will attach perfectly to waterproofing systems on all screed types.
  5. Supplied without a waterproofing membrane, to be placed directly into the screed.



THE CHARACTERISTICS                                                                                                                                        

1.   With water retaining edge.

  • The built-in water barrier edge on the flanges of the Chape drain keeps the water within the periphery of the drain.
    If you don't use waterproofing than the water barrier edge is a handy plus of this drain.


2.   With RVS flange of 4,5 cm.

  •  The Chape drain can also be provided with the waterproofing membrane as most conventional models. 
    > The chape drain is therefore equipped with a stainless steel flange of 4,5 cm.


3.   Only 57mm built-in height.  

What is a walk-in shower?
A shower floor with a barrier-free transition from the shower floor to the bathroom floor. 

  • Thanks to the extremely low built-in height of 57 mm, the Chape drain is the ideal solution for renovation situations.
    In renovation projects, there is often too little space underneath the tile surface for installing a shower drain for a walk-in shower.
    > With the Chape drain the built-in height is so limited that it can be used in almost every renovation situation. 


  • The built-in height of the drain = 57 mm .
     = height slope tile floor
     + height drain
     + height slope drain


4.   Sanded flanges.

  • Moreover, the flanges of the Chape drain are sanded.
    Thanks to its' granular bottom the Chape drain will attach particularly well to the screed for a 100% waterproof adhesion.


5.   Tiled directly into the screed.

  • The Chape drain is used in situations where the tiles are immediately placed into the screed without using any glue or waterproofing.
      This technique is especially used in the Netherlands.





  • Here you can see all the parts that you need during the installation and completion of the I-drain.
    >   Click the image for full view.


  • The finishing touch: the gratings.
    > The gratings need to be ordered apart from the drain.
    You don't need the grating during the technical installation of the drain.
    > You can choose your grating afterwards because each grating fits on each drain of the same length.
    > Enables you to take your time to choose the grating that fits the design of your bathroom.





  • Models
    >  Follow the link above for an overview of the models.
    > CHAPE D 54 mm
       CHAPE M 54 mm
    > CHAPE D 72 mm
       CHAPE M 72 mm

    These two models are always available in a wall and door model.
    These two models are available in 7 default lengths.
        600 - 700 - 800 - 900 - 1000 - 1100 - 1200.
    >  These two models are available with a single or double siphon




TECHNICAL DATA & item numbers.