Built-in height 54mm or 57mm.

Definition walk-in shower: The tile shower floor seamlessly merges with the tile bathroom floor, hardly leaving any borders or differences in height. 

Reduction of built-in height to 54mm!

  • I-Drain achieves a very low built-in height reaching 54mm for the Linear drains and 57mm for the Chape drains. This minimal built-in height is particularly useful in renovation-situations.
    In renovation projects there's often too little space beneath the surface to install a real walk-in shower. .


  •  The built-in height of our drain is so low that is can be placed in every renovation situation.

    Total built-in height =
    Height slope tile floor (min. 1%).
      +  height drain (from 54 mm).
      +  height waste pipe slope (min. 1%).
  • Linear drain
    = 54 mm built-in height.
  • Chape drain
    = 57 mm built-in height.